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This is a ONE-STOP Hub for entrepreneurs who want to start and grow a Digital Product Business! Our Business Model is based on 3 Pillars which are the backbone of our Membership! First up we have our own DPS CAMPUS with monthly Expert Masterclasses, Zen Zone Sessions for Self Development, Group Calls and Interviews, where you are continuously learning and updating your knowledge to stay ahead of the game! Our second pillar is our extensive DPS VAULT of PLR products which you can simply access on Canva and sell to fast track your journey, or curate and make them uniquely yours! Last but not least we have our DPS CIRCLE which is the place where everyone meets to network, collaborate, and get the latest news about what is happening inside Digital Products Stars!

DPS Campus

We understand that to succeed you need to learn and follow a strategic path! With Monthly Masterclasses & Weekly Group Calls we've got you covered!

DPS Vault

If you don't have the designer flair, or you simply want to take a quick-path to selling - our vault is brimming with PLR Products of all kinds + It gets updated weekly!

DPS Circle

This is where all the buzz happens, you get to meet your fellow star members to network & collaborate, and get all the latest news on what's on and what's coming next!

Members also get access to the EMBASSY!

At Digital Product Stars we consider members as family, and that is why we share our profits equally with those of you who want to become part of this amazing journey! As soon as you become a member you will also get instant access to THE EMBASSY. This section is dedicated for those of you who want to promote Digital Product Stars and earn a monthly income. As an ambassador you can earn monthly commission as follows:

45% (First Tier) Monthly Commission on each Sign Up

5% (Second Tier) added Commission for Sign Ups from your Affiliates

*Commission will continue to be distributed monthly for as long as you are both members of Digital Product Stars.

What do you find inside the EMBASSY?

Hall of Fame

At Digital Product Stars, we celebrate your dedication and effort as a brand ambassador. We understand the hard work you put in to represent our brand, and we want to show our appreciation. That's why we reward those who secure the highest spots in our Hall of Fame with exciting incentives such as cash prizes, vouchers, and other exclusive gifts. These rewards are our way of saying thank you for your contributions

The Studio

This is your resource hub for promoting Digital Product Stars! Here, you'll find everything you need to effortlessly attract subscribers and start earning a monthly income. Simply download the images and text provided, and share them on your social media. You'll have access to high-quality images, ready-made text, sales funnels, and we're even working on a webinar! Just share and watch your earnings grow!

Let's Unpack Everything You Will Get ACCESS to for just $32 a month!

  • Free Admission to ALL Monthly DPS Expert MasterClasses

Every month we will deliver a Masterclass directly related to your success in selling Digital Products. These will cover aspects of creation, curating, listing, promoting, advertising, pricing, selling, and everything you need to build your business from 0 to Pro! As we will be holding classes each month, our learning material will always be up-to-date and fresh! Industry experts will also be invited to deliver classes to members to help them with their digital product journey!

  • Access to DPS Vault with 150+ PLR Products Updated Weekly!

At the moment the DPS vault has over 150+ good quality PLR items, including products that are bestsellers in Jennifer's own shops! We don't simply throw any product in our vault to make it look bigger as we believe in quality over quantity. This is what really makes a digital products businesses successful and what will make YOU better than your competitors! For this reason each PLR product is analysed, curated, and checked to ensure it meets our standards and is a premium product with great potential! This also means that as soon as you become a member you will get access to more than 3000+ Pages of PLR templates that you can sell seperately or bundles up in any way you want!

So what kind of PLR products are in the vault?

  • Digital Planners
  • Printable Planners
  • Social Media Templates
  • Faceless Marketing Templates
  • Websites Templates
  • Business Templates
  • Planner Inserts
  • Lead Magnets

... plus lot's more!

Why 'coming soon'? Jennifer has a vast storage of digital products, and our team is diligently preparing these for release as PLR products in the Vault! We promise to upload new products weekly, ensuring you receive a minimum of 365 products per year—one new PLR product daily!

  • Access to Weekly Group Calls to Keep You On Track!

Get ready for a weekly learning opportunity designed to guide you every step of the way! Each week, you'll receive new videos to help you advance in the digital product industry. Here's the schedule:

Week 1: Power Hour
Our highly requested Q&A session where you can submit your questions and listen to answers to other members' inquiries.

Week 2: Zen Zone Session
We proudly present a session focused on self-development, covering topics like time management, mental health, and confidence. Our goal is to help you become a solid and successful business owner.

Week 3: Expert MasterClass
Don't miss our crucial Expert MasterClass, featuring sessions such as pricing, marketing, promoting, and building an audience for your digital products.

Week 4: Hot Seat Sessions
Tune in for interviews with fellow members and other business people, sharing valuable insights from their journeys. You might even find yourself in the Hot Seat one day!

We're here to support your growth and success every step of the way!

  • 50% LifeTime Affiliate Commission available ONLY to members!

We don't offer a one-time 70% commission like our competitors, instead we offer an incredible opportunity of a monthly income for as long as you and your affiliates remain members! More than that, we don't just offer you a commission and run away! As soon as you join DPS you will have access to the Embassy where you will find mockups, social media images, reels, and other resources to help you sell this membership in a professional way! This is what we call a win-win-win! We get new members, you get commission money in your bank account, and your affiliates will get an awesome program to help them build a business! Our commission is also 2 tiered, meaning that you will get a 45% for new subscribers and another 5% if your affiliates onboard new members!

  • Lock your Member Price for as Long As You Stay A Member!

Your membership price will remain the same for as long as you stay with us, no matter how many times we increase it.

  • Convenient On-Demand Replays of Masterclasses & Weekly Calls

You will always have access to ALL Live & Recorded Classes & Calls! We understand that it might not be convenient for you to participate in any LIVE classes, but don't worry. In less than 24hrs you will be able to access a replay from your own DPS dashboard! We are never going to let you lose out on an opportunity to learn!

  • Entry into our HALL OF FAME with Extra Perks!

We believe in recognizing and rewarding hard work! That's why we have a HALL OF FAME, updated every Saturday to showcase our Top Performing Ambassadors. At the beginning of each month, we give away exciting gifts to the leaders on the board. Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

YES!! You Get All That for Just $32 a month!

Meet the Person Behind

Digital Product Stars!


Hey there, lovely people! I'm Jennifer, the person behind Digital Product Stars. 🌟 If you're ready to dive into the world of digital products, you're in the right place!

I've been on this entrepreneurial journey for a while now, with not one, not two, but seven active shops buzzing in the digital product space. I have along the years created endless templates, planners, invitations, real estate marketing materials, so whatever you want to sell online I've got you covered.

Back in 2018, I took the leap and launched my first shop, and since then, it's been a whirlwind of learning, growing, and sharing my experiences with fellow dreamers like you.

Building my own business and working from home have always been my number one goal; I get to work on my own terms, choose my own hours, and enjoy life as much as I can! This means that somedays I'm home in my comfy clothes feeling blessed and cozy, and on other days I'm working from awesome hotels - travelling the world with my laptop ✈️ And guess what? I'm here to help you unlock your potential and carve your own path in this exciting industry, so you too can live the life you have always dreamed of!

With a Master's Degree in Education tucked under my belt, I'm not just about selling products—I'm about empowering you to learn and succeed. Let's embark on this learning journey together and turn your dreams into reality!

At DPS, you're not just another client - you're part of a family where you know exactly who you're working with. I am a real person who is not afraid to show either my face or my results! Ready to make magic happen? Let's do this! 🚀

How Can This Membership Help You?


With our continuous learning you will be able to understand the different aspects of a digital products business! You will be able to access monthly MasterClasses & weekly tips & tricks to guide you in building a solid and sound business.


Access our extraordinary PLR Vault and choose the products that align with your passion and your audience. Edit if you wish, package with your own branding, and get the digital products ready to display in your online shops.


List the digital products on platforms, such as ETSY, Creative Market, Raket, and/or your own website. Promote the products on Social Media and with your own audience to help you earn money from different through different paths.


Continue to learn through the DPS Academy, expand your offers with new PLR products in the DPS Vault, engage with our DPS community and become an expert by replicating your success and adding new streams of income.


For us this is one of the easiest questions to answer! If you are looking for genuine and transparent guidance you are at the right place! We will not promise you overnight success, or tens of thousands per month when you are just starting out as this is simply untrue and deceitful. Instead we will show you real-life examples from Jennifer's shops and also from our own students' successes! Below are real-life screenshots of results achieved through the sale of digital products!

If this is what you are after, then Digital Product Stars is the membership for you!


In the PLR Vault


In the PLR Vault


In the PLR Vault


In the PLR Vault


In the PLR Vault


In the PLR Vault


Jennifer owns various active online shops and she is a firm believer of leveraging her products by placing them on every available platform to reach multiple audiences.

"It's simple really, having the same product on multiple shops and markets means more exposure, more reach, and eventually more sales." - Jennifer

Here are all-time results from a few of her online spaces adding up to multiple streams of income from different portals.

Jennifer will share her knowledge and expertise with her members during the MasterClasses & Weekly Calls! What are you waiting for? Jump in today....

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SAVE $20

  • Free Admission to ALL Monthly MasterClasses
  • Access to DPS Vault with 150+ PLR Products updated weekly
  • Access to our Q&A Group Calls
  • Up to 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commission available ONLY to Members
  • Lock your Membership Price for As Long As You Stay A Member.
  • Convenient On-Demand Replay of Previous MasterClasses & Weekly Group Calls
  • Access to our Ambassador's Leaderboard: Extra Perks to our Top Performers
  • Access to the DPS Mockups Library for Ambassadors
  • Bonus: 1 to 1 Consultation Call with Jennifer
  • Bonus: Access to The Vault Plus+
  • Bonus: Free Digital Products Planner







  • Free Admission to ALL Monthly MasterClasses
  • Access to DPS Vault with 150+ PLR Products updated weekly
  • Access to our Q&A Group Calls
  • Up to 50% Lifetime Affiliate Commission available ONLY to Members
  • Lock your Membership Price for As Long As You Stay A Member.
  • Convenient On-Demand Replay of Previous MasterClasses & Weekly Group Calls
  • Access to our Ambassador's Leaderboard: Extra Perks to our Top Performers
  • Access to the DPS Mockups Library for Ambassadors
  • Bonus: 1 to 1 (45 mins) Consultation Call with Jennifer
  • Bonus: Access to The Vault Plus+
  • Bonus: Free Digital Products Planner


We understand that committing to a yearly fee might not be feasible for everyone, or maybe you're still unsure about this business. That's why we offer a flexible monthly pricing option.

However, if you’re an ACTION TAKER who is 100% serious about your business, the yearly membership is a no-brainer, and here is why...

A yearly membership not only KEEPS YOU ACCOUNTABLE and MOTIVATED, but it also gives you exclusive access to a one-on-one session with Jennifer or one of her experts. You'll receive personalized guidance, an opportunity to discuss your ideas, and set off on the right track from the start. Plus, you’ll enjoy a whopping discount of $244 - more than 50% off - PLUS 2 months FREE!

We have now also added ACCESS to The Vault Plus+ were you will get extra PLR Products, such as access to the Real Estate Templates Vault (which is already available), and the PLR Invites & Party Templates Vault, together with the Coaching Templates Vault which will be available soon.

P.S.: Jennifer's personalized 8-week program costs $4,997, with weekly sessions. This highlights the immense value of the one-on-one session included in your yearly membership!

Want to know what BUYERS think of the products in our DPS Vault?

Here are a few real-life reviews for digital products which you can sell too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the price go up after my initital payment?

No, the price will remain the same for as long as you remain a member!

How many PLR products are there in the Vault?

As at the time of writing, we have more than 150 PLR Products in the Vault. This means we have 3,000+ of PLR templates that you can sell individually, as sets, or in bundles! We are committed to updating this vault on a weekly basis, and uploading at least 365 products in the coming year (that means you will get 1 new product per day)

What is a PLR License?

With a PLR license you will be able to resell the products in the Vault. You can sell as is, edit to match your brand, and add to your online markets.

Do the products have an MRR License?

The products in the Digital Product Stars Membership do not have an MRR license. This means that while you are free to sell them, you cannot sell the selling rights.

Can I sell the products for any price I want?

Yes, you are free to sell the products at any price you choose.

Will I have access to the DPS Academy if I cancel my subscription?

No you will not be able to view classess once your membership is cancelled.

Will I have access to the DPS Vault if I cancel the membership?

Once the membership is cancelled you will not be able to log into the Vault to access new products.

How does the Affiliate Program work?

As soon as you become a member you will be eligible to start earning 35% on any subscriptions you promote and sell. You will continue to get 30% on a monthly basis for as long as you and your buyers remain members. Additionally you will get another 5% on memberships that your affiliates sell!